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EngageTutors is an online tutoring agency that can help parents and students alike to find the best private tutors. You get to browse through our list of tutors available so that you can choose the tutor who best matches your tuition needs. We aim to match our tutors to our students’ individual needs so that they will be inspired to learn and stay motivated throughout their educational journey. No two students are the same, some students require help with weekly drills while others hope to broaden their perspectives. We focus on helping our students to learn better so that they can gain self-confidence and achieve success.
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Contact us at +65 9776 9012 or email us at enquiry@engagetutors.sg

Why choose EngageTutors

All at your doorstep

With home tutoring, students get to learn in the comfort of their own homes. Lessons conducted at home can be arranged according to your schedules to provide you with the flexibility you need.

Nothing but the best

EngageTutors is your most trusted and reliable home tutor agency in Singapore. We shortlist only the best private tutors in Singapore for you. Our tuition agency thoroughly screens our educators based on their qualifications and profiles before they are recommended to you.

No hidden costs involved

Transparency is important to us. Our tutor-matching services in Singapore are brought to you for free, with absolutely no hidden costs. Simply pay for the tuition sessions that you attend.

Services we provide

EngageTutors is an online tuition centre that is designed to help you find the best private home tutors in Singapore. We give you the option of choosing from the few highly-qualified teachers we shortlisted before you decide on the tutor that best meets your needs.

We recruit tutors who are specialized in teaching a range of subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Literature, History, English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil at all levels. Our home tuition services will follow you throughout your educational journey, starting from kindergarten to national exams such as the PSLE, GCE O/N/A Level etc. to tertiary examinations.

Private home tutors in Singapore

How it works

Contact us to help you find the right tutor by filling up our form or at our number, 97769012. Take a look at our FAQ for students/parents to find out what details we require from you.

We will proceed to search for tutors in our database based on your preferences and send you the list of shortlisted profiles. You can choose your preferred tutor from the list.

Once we have confirmed with your tutor and worked out a suitable time slot for both parties, EngageTutors will send you a confirmation email and invoice with all the relevant details.

Join students who already have a head start today

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A child’s academic progress and performance is one of the top priorities of every parent. In Singapore, our public education system may lack special attention to cater to every child with their own set of personal needs and requirements. Additionally, parents may be preoccupied with hectic work schedules, thus unable to supervise and educate their children themselves. As such, many parents seek tuition centres and home tuition in Singapore. At EngageTutors, we place the highest priority in educating your children. We have an impressive group of private tutors in Singapore who are qualified and pre-screened here at our tuition agency. By requesting for tuition services, we will sieve through our database to find the most suitable tutor for your child based on his/her needs. By paying special attention to areas where you child is weak, we promise to prepare and equip your child with supplement knowledge to tackle his school work and exams.

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