IGCSE Tuition

IGCSE Private Tuition: A Cut Above the Rest

Most Singaporean students go through the Cambridge GCE O-Levels examination, but the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) pathway is another programme offered by Cambridge International Examination. To briefly run through, the IGCSE is a 2 year-long option for 14-to 16-year-old students in the preparation of higher education like the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, A-Levels and more. It has a tough academic, English-centred curriculum that is also based on the traditional GCE O-Levels. Subjects include Languages, Humanities, Vocational and Technical studies in tiered levels like Standard/Foundation or Higher levels. Schools in Singapore that offer this are Hwa Chong International School, Anglo-Chinese School (International), EtonHouse International School (Orchard) and more. Check out why we think private IGCSE tuition has a world of benefits over that of regular tuition centres.

A Niche Market

As mentioned above, the bulk of Singaporean students opt for the O-Levels academic route, making the IGCSE choice a niche one. Therefore, it may be harder to source for tuition centres that offer tuition for this. Parents turn to private tuition for a wider base of qualified tutors instead, from full-time tutors, ex-professors, teachers, undergraduates to graduates to coach their child. These tutors usually have deep and rich experience in the syllabus, having taught tremendously and intensively, or having gone through the examinations themselves. There is no better way to understand the examinations than going through it yourself, so that means that the tutor can effectively and accurately advise your child on possible questions and recommended answer styles. The tutor understands the amount of effort and mentoring needed to excel in the examinations.

A Step Higher than the GCSE Exams

Since it’s internationally-recognised, it’s considered harder to master as compared to the regular GCSE examinations. The typical O-Level examinations require mammoth effort alone to pass with flying colours, including extensive tutoring – so imagine how much more your child has to go through to reach the same kind of results. IGCSE students have to contend to an examination style that covers a wide range, like oral, written, practical assessments and coursework. The syllabus is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that it stays competitive and relevant, which means that it’s always shifting and changing. It’s not enough to be a jack of all trades: to do well, your child must be a master of all.

Quality Assurance

Choosing private tutors means you have complete control over who teaches your child. You can choose one depending on his or her reviews, testimonials, past results and other areas of consideration. This ensures that your child gets only the cream of the crop and the best you can get. The assurance doesn’t just mean improved results via coaching to cope better – it also means giving you and your child peace of mind. Relief also helps your child look towards the examinations in a positive, can-do light, improving attitudes and confidence. As parents, we want the best for our children, many times at no matter the cost. Look beyond the upfront tuition costs at the bigger picture.