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Benefits of Tutoring

It is true when they say that it takes a village to raise a child. Nurturing children to become responsible and productive adults is certainly a task that is fulfilled not by just one person. It is a collective and joint effort of parents, teachers, and other caregivers, who are stakeholders of a child’s growth and development.

In the arena of teaching children to succeed in their academic life and social pursuits, tutors are crucial in making sure that they do not only get straight As in examinations but are also able to relate with their peers and face challenges that they will encounter in this fast-changing world.

We went around and asked several parents on their opinions about tutoring and identified several benefits of tutoring based on those interviews. We listed them down below so you can discuss these with your fellow parents and family members so you too can decide on whether or not you should enroll your child in a tutoring class:
– Improves academic performance

Let’s be honest here. Most parents enroll their children in tutoring classes for the ultimate goal: for children to improve in their academic performance.  There is certainly nothing wrong with this because parents only want the best for their children. Good academic performance increases the chances of children to land in top schools, which will give them better education and therefore, more opportunities when they choose a career path later. A dedicated and committed tutor can help a child achieve this goal by working with the child in his or her problems areas or subjects which the child finds difficult.

Before embarking on this though, a word of advice to parents: consult your children and discuss this matter thoroughly with children. More of than not, choosing a tutor or center is a decision that is made by the parents, thinking that it is for the benefit of their children. However, try to make this inclusive and involve your children in the decision-making. Give them the chance to also look for teachers or centers and let them choose who they want to embark this journey with. This way, they are truly involved and committed in the process.
– Creates an individualized learning experience

Tutors create individualized learning or individualized instruction for your children, which means that the pace of learning, content and instructional technology that is utilized is based on the learners’ interests and abilities. Too often, parents fail in understanding that children understand and take on lessons in different paces and levels. Having a tutor, who practices a learner-centered environment, usually proves beneficial to a child’s learning journey.
– Promotes independence

Tutors are often considered as the child’s extension class, a supplementary learning avenue outside of school. While in a class, the child is mixed with other children and are usually involved in group works, a one-on-one tutor will give the child to do things on his own. Because dedicated tours craft individualized learning modules, the child is also given the opportunity to be independent and fulfill tasks on their own. Being able to do things on their own and making quick decisions based on how they assess situations are skills that children need to possess in this contemporary world. Children have to be independent enough to accomplish tasks without relying on their parents and teachers. The coursework, or school work, that tutors give to children are crucial exercises in exercising independence.
– Develops good study habits

Because tutoring creates a culture of independence, it usually follows that good study habits are also developed. This is because children are guided to accomplish coursework or schoolwork accurately, efficiently and on time. Developing good study habits is not just all about studying during exams. It is about making it part of the routine to review previous lessons and lectures and making sure that the concepts are understood by head and heart — and are not just merely memorized.
– Improves self-esteem

When a child has good study habits brought about by the guidance of people who truly care for them, who really want to see them succeed in life, the child grows to be a happy and grateful human being who upholds himself or herself with confidence. Tutoring improves self-esteem because it gives the child the chance to catch up on lessons, if he or she is lagging behind, therefore, he/she can be spared from peer pressure. It gives the child a training venue to build confidence and improve self-esteem so he/she can better relate to peers and able to face any challenges with a positive attitude.

We look at the tutor as the children’s guides in making sure that they venture through life equipped with knowledge, skills and values. This is a different world altogether and children need to have mentors, who can help them navigate this complicated world and excel in their chosen fields of expertise and influence.

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