Chinese Tuition


Benefits of Chinese Tuition

Some think that the Chinese language does not match up to English’s importance. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see students who excel in the latter but are far from so for the former. However, both languages are equally as important in both academics and life. Chinese tuition is a means for many to not just support their classroom learning, but to develop a greater interest and understanding of the language. It’s a long-term insight that sees the benefits for your child’s holistic lifelong learning and not just the present. Check out some crucial benefits of Chinese tuition!

1. Exposure Out of Home

Many students weak in the subject come from English-speaking homes. While some parents try to speak the language as much as possible, the results are often minimal. With private tuition, students have greater opportunities to talk and learn Chinese with their peers and tutor. Chinese tutors strive to expose their students as much as possible, giving them the skills and tips needed to effectively tackle examination questions.

2. Fluency for the Future

The world is increasingly becoming dominated by the Chinese. No matter which sector it is, a Chinese giant leads the way, shoving aside companies of other nationalities. If not now, soon it’ll be a necessity for businesses to be fluent and capable in this language. Even for many non-Chinese ethnicities, they understand the significance and engage their children to learn. Hence, it’s important that your child’s learning is supplemented with Chinese tuition for a more robust grasp of the language.

3. Learning About Life

For many of us Chinese, learning our mother tongue language is learning about our culture. It’s the language of our ancestors, our life’s philosophy and traces our history back to our roots and very beginnings. At school, this importance may not be as deeply taught nor discovered because of the textbook methods used that focuses more on memorisation, rather than understanding. During tuition lessons, children get a better understanding of why it’s so important to learn this language. It teaches them to familiarise themselves with their values and culture. The helps them to better develop a love for it – a fondness that they will carry throughout life.

4. A Personalised Pace

Some schools in Singapore introduce Higher Chinese into the compulsory curriculum without the normal option. This results in a steep learning curve that not all may fit well in with. Every child learns at a different pace, but regular classroom learning at school will not accommodate this.

5. The Best of the Best

It’s not enough to be a PhD holder, Cambridge scholar, or have 20 academic awards under your belt. Today’s teachers need to be good at what they do. At school, that illustrious teacher may not be able to deliver lessons in a way that every child understands. However, with private tuition, there is a world of amazing teachers to be explored. Help your child find the right fit and watch your child soar.