Economics Tuition


Breaking Down the Benefits of Economics Private Tuition

Economics is a unique subject that teaches one about human action, like human choices, how scarce resources are used, the steps governments undertake, and more. It’s classified as a subject under humanities, like Geography, History and more. There are two main categories – microeconomics and macroeconomics. If you didn’t already know, microeconomics focuses on individuals and companies within the economy, while macroeconomics looks at a wider scope outside, like governmental and national decisions made on a national level. Students need to have a strong foundation and understanding of the subject in order to tackle questions that require higher order thinking. Check out why a private tutor can help your child get the learning he or she needs.

A New Territory

Economics involves a lot of complex terminologies that will be lost in students who have weak knowledge. For example, terms like demand and supply are fairly common and easy to know, but “fiscal policies”, “supply side policy”, “economic indicators”, “market equilibrium” are more are not. For those who are starting out, it’s easy to get lost in this unfamiliar territory. Since they’re only exposed and introduced to the subject in Junior College, certain Polytechnic courses, or International Baccalaureate levels, the idea of learning something completely foreign can be daunting. Imagine this – all along, you’ve only been taught about Mathematics and Science. Suddenly, you have to know what opportunity cost is, the idea of scarcity, economic problems faced by societies, and more. You are presented with real-world economic issues, are required to form your own reasoning and logic, analyse and adequately answer questions.

Building the Basics for Higher Education

Students who proceed to learn economics in university find that the knowledge gained at the tertiary level is useful. A private tutor bolsters your child’s economics basics, and can better introduce your child to real-world problems, instead of the stoic and rote ways of typical classroom lessons. This doesn’t just help improve results – a firm understanding of the subject can give your child the head start he or she needs in university. You can even continue the lessons at that stage, provided that the tutor has the capability to.

Not Just Concepts

Students are usually tested by at least two main papers – Case Study Questions and Essay Questions. Exam skills like reading and understanding case studies, answering data-based questions using quantitative data, complex questions that use various principles and theories and more, are needed. Like Principles of Accounts, concepts and calculations are both tested, with confusing jargon used. Therefore, your child needs to develop deep insight and understanding, as well as be equipped with the necessary skills to properly structure their questions. Private tutors can be as experienced as university-level professors themselves, where coaching your child is a piece of cake. Let the tutor support your child’s learning by breaking down tough theories, making lessons relatable and fun, and offer an actual platform for further discussion. It is through thought processes and triggering questions, repeatedly pondered upon, that will help your child.