English Tuition


5 Exceptional Benefits of English Tuition

Worldwide, English is the national language for almost 70 countries and is spoken by an estimated 1 billion people. In fact, it’s not just common, it’s important. People use it to communicate, to deal, to relay information and so much more. Find out why it’s a boon to get English tuition for your budding child!

1. English is Universally Important

There’s no doubt about it. English is the universal and international language of communication, be it in speech, media or online. Posters, movies, social media – they all use English to relay messages and news. A good grasp of it leaves little space for misunderstandings arising from miscommunication. Your child will be able to comprehend all media and communications taking place around him. A strong foundation in this language will see your child successfully throughout life, in whatever he or she chooses to do in the future. It’ll be a bridge for many opportunities. Think about it – a good English speaker leaves a good impression on company leaders, businessmen and on a whole.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Where English is concerned, it’s key to practise and apply it as much as possible. After all, it’s been deduced that it takes up to 17 times of exposure using a variety of methods before a word becomes fully ingrained into one’s long-term memory. An English tutor means greater exposure and chances to brush up on the subject, converse in it and apply it. This includes communicating with the tutor, tuition activities and on paper like worksheets. Practising more on the subject through essays, revision and more can help to boost your child’s skills!

3. Guidance Throughout

A private tutor is there not just to teach by speaking in class. He or she focuses on your child, correcting errors, improving sentences, strengthening strengths and vice versa for weaknesses. Your child can get school homework checked and improved on before handing it up at school or understand mistakes that the school teacher did not manage to bring across successfully. The tutor also offers a different point-of-view, especially for English Literature, where many opinions and perspectives are welcomed and discussed. These different perspectives trigger your child’s mind and set it off to think deeply and ponder carefully about them. It encourages children to form their own opinions and think, and not just follow textbook answers.

4. Slow but Steady

When tutors steadily work their way through grammar concepts and vocabulary, the pace is slower as compared to the faster speeds of school routines. It is beneficial because it helps to better process thoughts and facilitate increased understanding. During 1-to-1 private tuition, your child can unleash a barrage of questions to his or her heart’s content without worrying about taking up too much lesson time or preventing others from equal opportunities.

5. Cultivates Confidence

A child’s confidence often builds from his or her own abilities. If your child is struggling to keep up with the subject in school, it can lead to low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Some dare not speak up in class for fear of answering questions wrongly or getting judged by classmates or teachers. In a private tuition setting, the child can go ahead and practise English skills without any worries. As a result, grades improve, and self-confidence gets a much-needed boost as well!