FAQ for Parents/Students

To find a tutor, you may choose to fill up the form on our website or call us at 9776 9012.

Alternatively, contact us via SMS or WhatsApp at 9776 9012. In your SMS or WhatsApp message, please provide us with the following information to allow us to assist you better:

– Details of tutee
– Subject(s) and level (primary/secondary/JC)
– Preferred date and time for lessons
– Tuition venue
– Preferred minimum qualification of tutor
– Budget
– Any other preferences (female tutor etc.)

No, you do not have to pay any additional fees to EngageTutors. Our fees will be borne by the tutors who will be paying us 50% of their fees for the first month.

The invoice will be sent to you after lessons have been confirmed. After half of the lessons in the first month have been conducted, kindly transfer 50% of the fees to EngageTutors within 2 days at POSB Savings Account 245-92895-5. Alternatively, you can also arrange with us to collect the money or cheque directly from you at your convenience. For payment by cheque, please contact us either by email or phone and we will advise you on the payment details.

On the first lesson, the tutor can provide you with a certificate of their qualifications on the first lesson upon request. EngageTutors will not be able to send the qualifications directly to you so as to protect our tutors’ identities. Our tutors are of the highest quality. We screen our tutors based on their qualifications and track record. Tutors who do not perform up to the standard are blacklisted and banned.

If the tutor fails to meet the needs of the tutee, you will be able to change tutors. Please note that if you cancel within the first month, you will need to pay EngageTutors for lessons that your child has attended.