FAQ for Tutors

Tutors can look for assignments on three platforms. We update assignments on our website under Tuition Assignment tab. We also post the latest assignments on our Facebook page so tutors can like our Facebook page to stay updated. Lastly, tutors can sign up via our form to be registered tutors to receive SMS alerts from us about new assignments.

Our commission would be 50% of tuition fees for the first month. If we do not receive the commission that has been agreed on, the tutor will be blacklisted through all channels and we will exercise our right to claim our commission through the Small Claims Tribunal. Tutors who try to evade commission may also be reported to the authorities.

Tutors are advised to send proof of their qualifications as those with proof of their qualifications will have a higher chance of being shortlisted for assignments. Tutors will also be required to provide their certificate(s) and NRIC to the students and parents on the first lesson.

Tutors are expected to commit to the full duration of assignment that was agreed upon. The minimum duration is a month should there be no prior agreement on the duration.

A tutor may not get a response after applying for assignments. Due to an overwhelming response for a particular assignment, those who applied faster may already have gotten the job. Furthermore, there may be jobs that are unsuitable or out of scope for the tutor applying for the job. For example, the tutee may have requested for MOE teachers but the tutor is currently an undergraduate, making him unsuitable for the job.

When applying for an assignment, please provide all required information such as job ID, tutor’s qualifications, relevant tutoring experience, rates, and available timings. Tutors that provide all the necessary details are more likely to be chosen for the assignment.