General Paper Tuition

general paper tuition

The Perils of General Paper and Why Private General Paper Tuition is Necessary

Do you know the extent to which failure forms an essential component of success? People today do not work as hard as they did in the past. How true is this of today’s society? Is pressure a motivating force or a cause for unhappiness? They sound like questions Google’s hiring managers might throw at candidates, but these are actual GP questions that have been tested before. As compared to H2 Mathematics or Chemistry, General Paper (GP) might just be the hardest to tackle. It’s not uncommon to meet a student who’s scored top marks for other subjects, but a D or E for this. The underlying problem may stem from how GP requires an abundance of general world knowledge, constant updating and understanding of up-to-date, real-world issues. Check out some reasons why private tuition offers a huge helping hand to GP students.

Complex Thinking and Reasoning Abilities

Skewed towards a “humanities” subject, GP requires critical-thinking skills in order to form strong opinions about the topic in question. While it does require good English writing skills, a solid foundation in it will not suffice. Your child has to develop and form formal argumentative essays, similar to that of debates – and provide a clearly informed and thoughtful piece of work that impresses the marker. The answers must also display mature thought processes, insights and include factual figures and statements that simply cannot be conjured out of thin air.

So Many to Master, So Limited Time to Foster

Another point of difficulty is derived from the need to be exposed to an incredibly wide array of topics. From politics to governance, philosophy, mathematics, societal issues, culture, economics, and worldly, long-discussed areas of interest, there are many that can be tested on. They are tricky questions that have boggled world leaders, caused decades of discussion and debate: and now, your child has to answer it with flying colours within the limited span of time provided. In addition, students do not know for sure the topics that will appear, and should it be something they are unfamiliar with, chances are that he or she will not score well. If your child has no idea where to start from, what he or she does not know, or where the errors come in, how will your child improve?

Borrowing Decades of Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Hiring a private tutor well-versed in GP may provide your child with the help needed. The tutor can consistently update and keep your child’s progress in check, making sure that nothing is left out. He or she will also know what is lacking and therefore point out your child’s weaknesses and work on them. Your child can also benefit from valuable pieces of information the tutor has, such as personal content booklets honed and structured over years of experience to perfect it. Despite the heftier price tag of more experienced tutors, it’s worth every penny to do well.