Geography Tuition


Caught in Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Why Geography Private Tuition Helps

Not everyone is interested in how rocks are formed, nor how to differentiate between a plateau and a valley. At first glance, Geography seems to be a terribly boring subject, unless you’re genuinely keen on learning how the world and environment work. Add in the sheer number of things to memorise and you have a recipe for disaster. Students have to know the relationship between and of human and physical attributes. It studies the science of space and place. They also have to have a keen understanding of global issues like climate change not just in Singapore, but for the world. Read on to find out why private Geography tuition is a good choice for your child to tackle this subject well.

Not Always by Choice

Some people argue that students should have an interest in the subject – they chose it after all, didn’t they? Sometimes, secondary school students are left with no choice but to opt for Geography, it being the one that involves the most memorising and straightforward answers, as compared to the rest. Students who fear the complexities and critical thinking used in Literature and History subjects will often choose Geography. As a result, it can be mundane and the lack of interest can quickly turn one’s grades sour. The subject requires much knowledge of complicated processes, terms and heavy memorisation.

Increasing Difficulty

At the Junior College level, this subject takes on greater difficulty because your child has to comprehend huge chunks of knowledge and pair it with higher order thinking when using different theories. He or she has to swiftly process large quantities of data and absorb a lot of facts in order to adequately answer questions. Divided into human and physical aspects, each requires a different set of skills. A private tutor can help your child manage and guide your child correctly. For example, the tutor may focus on a strong understanding of concepts and visualisation instead of going the memory route for most concepts.

Going the Extra Mile

A private tutor helps to brighten up the subject, adding fun and flavour for better knowledge absorption. Your child also gets to be equipped with necessary skills varying from information collection, research, a general understanding and improved abilities on a whole. It is always better to get more perspectives, rather than just being confined to the same school teacher throughout. The tutor may have valuable insight and exam knowledge that are much more beneficial to your child’s study and progression. He or she can also shape your child’s perception and attitude of the subject. Very often, a school teacher’s limited time makes it hard to focus on building every student’s fascination and interest in any subject. There is only so much that the teacher can do, and it’s not their fault that they have limitations. Therefore, making use of time outside of school can be a productive way for your child to better manage the subject, and even learn to love it.