History Tuition

history tuition

Putting the Importance of History into Perspective

History isn’t merely about learning what people did in the past. It’s about learning through past mistakes and learning to not repeat them again. Our children study the subject to understand the connections between past and present, to know significant events that shaped the society and the world that they recognise today. Politicians and world leaders would agree that historical knowledge is crucial to shaping the present and future. Being ignorant of past events may form erroneous attitudes towards many issues on a country and global level. Through knowledge, we become informed. We harness and develop critical thinking and apply it by crafting our own thoughts and opinions. However, typical classroom lessons may be insufficient in different ways to give your child the development he or she needs. Find out some reasons why you should consider private History tuition!

Evolving Syllabuses

The education syllabus continues to change. These changes call for greater analytical skills so strongly required when dealing with humanities subjects. Students need to evaluate and provide their own critical judgement on events to answer questions. History relies not just heavily on memorisation. Like Social Studies, History also has case studies that ask for a critical understanding of the different issues surrounding historical events based on that knowledge. Most importantly, students need to decipher and create logical arguments, selecting sources to support those arguments. Memorisation is not enough to do well. How do you know which relevant content to apply to questions when you barely understand how to do it? Private tuition equips your child with the necessary skills to be prepared for these changes. They focus on skill-building, working on areas where your child needs the most help.

Needs Go Beyond the Classroom

In school, classes are short. Students barely have time to immerse themselves into lessons before the bell rings for the next. This results in touch-and-go effects, whereby teachers barely graze the surface of important facts before moving on. Time is limited for a full-scale, in-depth session for students to truly form their own opinions on the various events and how they have made an impact on today. With such restrictions, it’s difficult to get a good hang of History. Since lessons are so tight and rushed at school, this may be struggling students’ only shot at doing better.

Hard Work, Not Talent

Not every child’s mind is “wired” towards humanities subjects. Some are more mathematically or science-inclined and feel that they cannot digest basic information. They may resort to purely memorising to get past theory-based questions and make furtive attempts at the ones that need greater thinking and evaluation skills. As a result, they lose out in those areas and fail to do as well as they could have. Private History tuition supports your child’s understanding of the subject and nurtures his or her ability to shape thoughts and attitudes outside regular classroom programming. It exposes students to more practices. Tutors accompany your child every step of the way, making sure that important questions are correctly answered and that key points are understood. Gradually, it gets easier, and students build up their prowess and knowledge to handle higher-level questions.