IB Tuition

The Road Less Travelled: Why Private IB Tuition Helps This Different Education Path

Touted as the “gold standard” in Singapore’s education system, the International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification is a prestigious programme that is regarded as superior to the GCSE A-Level examinations. While the A-Levels emphasise on individual subject knowledge, the IB Programme focuses on broader-based learning, suitable for children who are well-rounded learners. In Singapore, there are four IB programmes offered:
The Primary Years Programme
Targeted at students aged 3 to 12, this programme focuses on a child’s development both within and outside the classroom.
The Middle Years Programme
Used for students between 11 to 16 years of age, this programme encapsulates academic challenges and life skills attained by going beyond conventional school subjects.
The Diploma Programme
This programme focuses on students aged 16 to 19, a difficult and tough two-year-long syllabus that leads to final examinations and a qualification internationally recognised by premier universities worldwide.
The Career-related Certificate (IBCC)
The newest of the offerings, this is designed for students aged 16 to 19 and mainly involves career-related education. Each level presents its own set of difficulties and learning challenges that call for a private tutor. Find out more below!

A New Set of Challenges at Every Level

In a literal way, the difficulty of each programme levels up as your child progresses from the first to the last. For example, for the PYP, it’s said that the early formative years are crucial to a child’s lifelong learning and development. Additionally, time is highly limited during the Diploma Programme amid a slew of compulsory and time-consuming assignments to be submitted, making it a stressful journey for those struggling to cope. If at any point, your child starts to face problems with progressing, the niche nature of how subjects are taught may prompt you to seek private tuition for assistance.

A Curriculum Unlike Any Other

The IB programme is considered a value-added path because of how it incorporates more than just regular school learning. It develops and builds students with international perspectives and understanding via subjects like philosophy and technology. Therefore, the curriculum is extremely broad, and it can be tricky to master these subjects. At the Diploma Programme level, a unique module, the Theory of Knowledge, is a special course that melds religion, logical thinking and philosophy together. It’s understandable if your child struggles to navigate through difficult worldly issues and complex reasoning – it’s not easy for anyone to realise from the get-go. Private tutors can help ease the learning on tough issues and make it more comprehensive and easier to understand. This helps with juggling the other high-commitment research projects, compulsory lengthy essays and more.

Not Always a Well-Rounded Learner

An IB student faces 6 different subjects, which includes English, a foreign language, Maths and a Science selection. This means that should your child ultimately lag in any one of the subjects, it will pull his or her overall grades down. Of course, the IB programme is recommended for all-round learners who are proficient throughout all the subjects, but even so, it is uncertain whether your child will always cope with all his or her subjects. You don’t want this to happen, because it means that all the hard work on other subjects come to nought. While we sometimes cannot prevent the inevitable, we can turn to help to do something. Hiring a private tutor to coach a specific subject can improve grades and even contribute to a better overall score.