IP Tuition

When Being Gifted is Not Enough: A Discussion on the Need for Private IP Tuition

An elitist programme, qualifying for the IP educational route is hardly easy. For the uninitiated, the Integrated Programme is a six-year programme directed at the top 10 percent of PSLE students. Students in this programme need not take the O-Levels but go straight to the A-Levels or International Baccalaureate programme, and then university. Many top schools offer this programme for the cream of the crop, but that doesn’t mean that all who enter will pass. Check out why private IP tuition helps deal with the many issues surrounding this prestigious form of education.
1. Dealing with Societal Pressures
Since the Integrated Programme is seen as a “gifted” form of education, there are pressures and societal stigmas that go with it. Even in such a prestigious course, not all will make it through. For a child, realising that he or she needs help may form feelings of embarrassment, self-doubt, reduced confidence and a fear of bringing shame to the family. After all, to be supposedly talented, and yet encounter a reality that seems far from it can be disastrous. It’s an unhealthy obsession, a cycle of endless self-depreciation and feeling of unworthiness, even though it shouldn’t be the case. Everyone avoids the worst-case scenario: dropping out from the program, and having it haunt an aspiring young mind for years to come. As a parent, you can engage a private tutor to help guide your child and provide support. Knowing that help is always at the ready, your child can relax and let the experienced tutor breakdown challenging concepts and promote better knowledge absorption.
2. Finding a Good Fit
Students who performed exceptionally well for their PSLE and went on to undertake the Integrated Programme may find that the route is not best suited for them. It may be prestigious, but that doesn’t mean that the path unleashes and promotes your child’s fullest potential. It may not also be a good fit for his or her individual strengths and learning styles. Although schools now have O-Level classes for those who cannot cope, your child can still benefit from a private tutor, do well enough and be admitted back into the JC-level of the programme. Even if your child ultimately chooses to get out of the IP, he or she has a better shot of admission into other polytechnics or JCs, should your child perform sufficiently well with a tutor’s support.
3. It's All or Nothing
When you enter such a lofty course, you’re expected to accomplish and excel in many things, from extracurricular activities to studies, with finesse and ease. Nothing below an “A” is acceptable, and with so many things to juggle, coupled with the stress of faring well, it can be difficult for many struggling students. They know that time is precious, and nobody wants to waste those years studying just to fail. What exacerbates this is the fact that IP students who perform poorly in their A-Levels will only have their PSLE certificate to fall back on. To reroute back to a polytechnic course of study would mean all those years spent in the programme lost and wasted. Private tuition can help support and guide your child, providing assurance from the tutor’s own experience and familiarity with the programme.