Junior College Tuition


Choosing Private JC Tuition: Advanced Aid for a Two-Year Crash Course

Two years – that’s all our kids have, a tiny time allowance to compete against the best. The difficulty level of local education evidently increases as one progresses to the next stage. A Junior College (JC) education means far more complex concepts, just two short years to cram it all in, and an impending GCE A-Levels examination that is far from easy. In short, it’s a race against time to prepare for one of the world’s toughest papers.

Succeed, or Go Back to Square One

Despite the promise of greater university seats to the local JC students, they face their own set of problems. Many take the exams trying to avoid the worst-case scenario: scoring insufficiently to proceed on to local universities and having to retake the exams. Or take another road less-travelled: going back to the beginning for a polytechnic education instead. Whatever it is, it’s a nightmare for both students and parents alike, having to cope with emotional turmoil and embarrassment. What about the time wasted that cannot be regained, and the money spent on school fees? The fear spurns on the fact that while polytechnic students get a diploma, A-Level candidates who fail to make the cut don’t even get a piece of paper. The fast-paced learning required to ensure students are taught sufficiently for the exams means that there is no place for slower learners. Private tuition offers extra help for students who need more time and coaching to understand the many difficult theories. This helps them prepare better for the papers and bump up their chances of scoring well.

Going a Long Way

Why not group tuition, a more affordable option? Simply because it has no much difference between regular school classes. Your child doesn’t get the tutor’s complete, undivided attention. Neither is he or she able to set the pace, receive customized lessons and lessons that are catered solely to one person alone. Yes, private classes can cost more than group tuition. But think about it – is the 1-to-1 attention and support your child gets worth putting a price over? Upfront costs may deter you from making a wise choice. But private tuition gives your child the chance of extra support at the comforts of home, instead of travelling to where the group tuition is. Therefore, private tuition delivers a bevy of benefits that are advantageous to your child – be it the tailored classes, convenience, exclusivity and more.

When Normal is Not Enough

Some of us think that doing homework diligently and attending lessons without fail paves a straight path to academic success. After all, schools tell us that hard work, determination, and paying attention in class will pay off. But is that really always the case? When school seems insufficient, parents must look elsewhere to get as much help as possible for their kids. Staying in denial and believing that our local school teachers, lessons and curriculums are enough for our children helps no one. When the need arises, it’s perfectly fine to seek help. Before things take a turn for the worst, engage a private tutor who makes a difference. One who can help steer your child back to the right track for success.