Literature Tuition


A Literary Analysis of Private Literature Tuition Benefits

Literature is a unique subject that often needs the reader to make plenty of inferences from texts. A seemingly simple sentence could contain many hidden meanings and interpretations that students need to identify. This critical analysis sometimes makes it more difficult than math and science questions that are relatively more straightforward. You have to decipher famous texts from the likes of Shakespeare, George Orwell, John Wyndham and more – all which are not easy. Private Literature tuition guides your child, supporting his or her skills-building and making sure that your child is well-prepared for even the trickiest questions. Here are some reasons to sign your child up for Literature private tuition!

Higher-Level Thinking

Literature involves the comprehension of various literary devices, many of which require critical thinking and analysis. Students need to infer from the text and exam questions in order to correctly answer them. There are no perfect right or wrong answers, but clear thinking is a must. Answers also have to show sufficient insight and understanding – a lack of these would fail to deliver good supported answers. When it comes to essay-based questions, your child has to deliver a lot of insightful knowledge and display proper evaluation. It’s no child’s play – imagine writing up to 4 pages of inference-heavy answers. It’s not uncommon to see struggling students who are trying to grasp this concept of thinking out of the box.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s not enough to just scrape the surface of literary devices and skills, which is commonplace in lessons. School lessons usually centre around a focus on text and content, trying to get students to remember them to answer questions. Typical exam questions call for inference and analytic skills. Such skills aren’t achieved overnight: your child needs practice and deep discussions to work towards them. However, the tight timelines of school lessons and examinations mean that time is always a luxury. Even with supplementary lessons, the teacher still needs to deal with at least half the usual class of 30 to 40 students. How do you ensure that every student gets the appropriate amount of learning and leaves the class with enough coaching? With private tuition, tutors understand the gap in this need and aim to bridge it by boosting practice. For example, they can dedicate 80% of lessons to prose and poetry analysis.

Our Education Culture

Literature is a subject that contrasts with how Singapore’s education system is moulded. The latter teaches students to be good exam takers, spoon-fed with answers directly with a straightforward answer approach. However, the subject requires students to delve deeper and know how to think on their own. There is no direct answer, nobody to deliver perfect solutions to them during exams. That’s a reason why many need help with such humanities subjects, struggling when they face the need to think independently. Hence, more guidance and patient teaching are required. With the lack of these in routine lessons, private tuition is a necessity to help your child effectively.