Maths Tuition


Mastering Maths Through Private Tuition

It’s difficult to say whether mathematics is an easy or hard subject to master. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: it’s taxing and tedious to teach, and the syllabus gets tougher every year. Many parents lack the time and patience to regularly coach their kids. Therefore, they seek an alternative to their problem – private tuition. One survey revealed that maths was the top tuition subject, ahead of English and Chinese. Read on to find out how private maths tuition can help your growing child!

An Education Essential

English is an international language that is important for education and personal advancement. Maths is another key subject that is as important in its own way. Its applications go beyond the classroom – working adults and professionals use maths concepts in accounting, investing, finance management and more. Maths is also a foundation of science, supporting many advanced theories like in engineering and technology. It’s used widely to solve real-world, out-of-classroom problems. Thus, it’s imperative to start on the right foot with a strong foundation in basic concepts.

Ahead of the World

Our country’s mathematics teaching style is recognised as world-class. In fact, it has even influenced British schools. In Singapore, we focus on problem-solving skills, rather than route-memorisation. This means a deeper understanding of how equations work, triggering critical thinking. Singapore’s private tutors take a step ahead, preferring to use hands-on methods like games and creative experiments to facilitate experience-based learning. Such techniques can better help students understand complex concepts and develop an interest in maths. It’s a fresh method of teaching and different from what students are used to in school, thereby offering a new approach and stirring interest.

A Helping Hand

The level of difficulty climbs as your child progresses through school. Whether it’s Primary to Secondary school, Elementary to Additional maths, or O Level to H1/H2 standards, it’s a huge jump. Every level presents a different set of challenges. For example, there are over 10 complicated heuristic concepts students need to master before he or she takes the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). These concepts are taught on top of regular textbook topics. Teachers have to race against time to constantly practice and perfect these theories and reinforce learning. As syllabuses are constantly shifting and changing, it also becomes difficult for parents to coach their kids beyond the early years. Over the years, the Ministry has been broadening the scope and depth of the local curriculum, making it even tougher to acquire.

Practice Makes Perfect

Maths is a subject where practice is vital to ingrain understanding and knowledge. Since theories are built on each other, it’s necessary to get a robust understanding of the fundamentals before working your way up. Students have to do questions presented in different perspectives for a better grasp. While schools have further remedial and supplementary lessons, they are sometimes insufficient for struggling pupils. During private tuition, they get more practice and help from the tutors, as well as additional tips and tricks. This extra practice goes a long way in boosting knowledge retention and problem-solving skills.