Physics Tuition


The Benefits of Prioritising Private Physics Tuition

Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Maria Montessori – all famous physicians who contributed greatly to its advances. Today, physics has become integrated with modern learning. Its applications are significant and highly important, whether in education or in life. For a student, physics should not be just a mundane routine of memorisation and boring lectures. It should be enjoyed, learnt and explored. To conquer the subject, it needs more than just your typical classroom lessons. Check out why we support private physics tuition for your child!

Basic? Not Quite!

When your child reaches Secondary Three, he can choose to take either Physics with Chemistry, or Physics with Biology. Whatever is chosen doesn’t change the fact that physics is a compulsory subject. Why? Because it’s termed the basis of all science. The various branches of natural science (i.e. biology and chemistry) are limited by the laws of physics. Therefore, it’s the most fundamental of all sciences, focusing on the basic features of energy and matter. This also means that your child has to pick up the subject and prepare for the all-important GCE O Levels and A Levels. Despite being termed as “basic”, it’s not at all. Within the world of physics are difficult concepts and theories, a vastly complex science that is related to the understanding of its counterparts. The leap from Secondary Two to Three, when physics comes into the picture, can prove challenging for many. Getting help from a private tutor delivers a practical solution for your child to cope with the transition. Even before moving on to Secondary Three, a tutor can start preparing him or her for a manageable learning process.

To Infinite Information and Beyond

A private tutor is a doorway to knowledge and resources. Instead of being limited to the school’s teacher, engaging a well-learnt private tutor offers your child a knowledge booster. Your child can also leverage on the tutor’s resources to gain access to more learning materials and help. This means that you unleash limits confined by regular school teaching, discovering new concepts, learning methods and tips that may not be taught. After all, learning is an endless exploration!

A Holistic Solution

Private tuition allows you to choose the tutor who is the best fit for your child, whether it’s in the mastery of the subject or robust teaching abilities. At school, your child is stuck with the same teacher whether he or she likes it or not. Should your child, unfortunately, turn out to dislike the school teacher, or should the school teacher fail to deliver the best education possible, would you risk it and continue lessons without seeking an alternative solution? Personal likes and dislikes can shape a person’s attitude towards a subject, and that results in a downward spiral because failing to do well also contributes to a negative mindset. Hence, what you’re risking is not just your child’s grades, but the attitude towards the subject and future as well..