POA Tuition


Counting to the Benefits of POA Private Tuition

If you’re one of those who took Principal of Accounts (POA) before, you’ll know that it’s a deceptively easy subject. One wrong answer and it could put the rest of your answers in jeopardy – including your paper. Although it’s offered at the Secondary stage of education, it paves the way for future studies in related modules at higher levels. While some students think that it’s easy to score well and achieve a distinction, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Its textbook nature means that it can sometimes be perceived as mundane and boring. Piqued about the subject? Read on to discover why it’s beneficial to engage a private POA tutor for your child!

The Benefits of Basic Financial Understanding

Possessing basic financial sense is important and relevant to our daily lives. Your child can benefit from having financial knowledge in many touchpoints of life, from handling his/her own financial matters, the household’s, and more. In addition, POA is a good basis for further education, like accounting at the tertiary and university level. It teaches your child the fundamentals upon which complex concepts will be built on. This helps your child better understand and absorb knowledge at higher levels, should your child choose to pursue a path of study that is related. In fact, in Singapore, business studies are one of the most sought-after options, with the promise of a bright future and endless working opportunities. Rather than enter the course with zero understanding whatsoever, your child gains an immediate advantage over his or her peers. This also reduces the time needed to grasp concepts.

Practise is a Prerequisite

POA greatly involves theories and accounting principles. Formulas and methods used to solve are often set in stone, which means that your child has to focus on memorising and practising questions often to score well. Examination questions may also go all out to confuse your child with tricky questions, even though the underlying theory is still the same. The theory parts also require much memorisation, which can take a toll on your child if he or she usually struggles with that. This means that any form of extra practice is highly welcomed. A private tutor can supplement your child’s learning with enhanced revision and even explore difficult questions, as well as the ways to tackle them.

No Mistakes to Make

In order to score an A1, your child has to attain 75 marks out of 100. It’s not impossible, but it means that there is little room for mistakes. What makes it tricky is that in some questions, once your child answers the initial parts wrongly, this mistake will carry on till the final answer. This leads to marks deducted to spiral further downwards, resulting in the A1 grade inching further and further away. Therefore, there is pressure associated with this, because it’s either all or nothing. The key to eliminating and reducing mistakes is practice, practice, practice. This brings us back to our second point – to promote opportunities to practice the subject with the private tutor.