Primary School Tuition


The Importance of Pursuing Primary School Tuition

How important is Primary School to you? We think they’re of utmost importance. Don’t assume that the first years of a child’s education are insignificant. They may be learning about basic numeracy, piecing sentences together and understanding how photosynthesis works, but these are all important concepts to be built on. In Singapore, parents send their kids as young as 5 to tuition classes. Is that going overboard, or will it prove a helpful strategy to enable them to excel in life? Read on to find out why primary school tuition is recommended!

At a Glance: Our Education System

Singapore’s education system has consistently ranked within the top 20 worldwide. Among the Asian countries, we’re in the top 10. The latest 2018 ranking revealed that our development quality for the Primary Levels came in first globally. Despite being a tiny red dot, our education system is world-class. We have set international standards and act as a role model for other countries, like the UK. Our people are our most valuable assets, and our education aimed to groom these people to be outstanding individuals.

Starting Strong

In education, it’s important to start on a strong footing. We must build a robust foundation in the early years. This will set the stage for future progress as our children make their way through the various education levels. The Primary stage forms a key aspect of where they build their skills, knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts. It’s also the beginning of forming learning habits. It’s where they learn about the subjects that will follow them and be applied throughout life. Private tuition helps to cement and solidify one’s understanding from young. With a firm foundation, progression later can be easier. Many subjects like Science and Maths involve concepts upon concepts. Therefore, it’s widely supported to begin from the Primary level.

Onwards, Together

Selecting a competent and suitable private tutor for your child is imperative. That private tutor may follow your child as he or she progresses, offering a helping hand to cope, supplementing useful knowledge and establishing a competitive edge. A tutor who accompanies your child from young can have a greater understanding of his or her studying habits and competencies.This deeper understanding helps pinpoint how the tutor can better deliver learning tips and skills specific to your child. The tutor is a listening ear to your child’s troubles and struggles, a mentor who is 100 percent focused on your child alone. This forges a unique tutor-and-student bond unlike the rigidity of the typical school classroom’s where the teacher has to deal with many others.

Grades Do Play a Part

It’s a fact: our local mindset involves much emphasis on grades and the fear of not keeping up with the rat race. The bell-curve and competition from foreigners don’t ease these fears either. However, it’s true that grades do matter – to what extent, you decide. From young, grades play a part, where students are grouped according to their learning achievements. Very much so, our kids’ accomplishments set where they are likely to be in the future. With good PSLE scores, a child has the opportunity to take on higher levels of learning. While you can focus on enrichment activities instead of pursuing stellar grades, they are still needed. They are still crucial.

As previously mentioned, private tuition should serve as help for struggling kids. It helps them handle stress better, cope better at school and feel more confident about their abilities. Eventually, it helps them prepare and attain satisfactory grades for them to do what they wish to in the future.