Secondary School Tuition


Tutoring to the Needs of Our Future Generations: Why Secondary School Private Tuition

How necessary is secondary school private tuition? Some of us think that this stage of our kids’ lives plays a huge role in determining where they go – to polytechnics, junior colleges and beyond. It’s where they start to receive the full brunt of their Singaporean education to prepare them for the O Levels, an examination many students (and parents) dream of excelling. At this point, parents who didn’t sign their kids up for primary school tuition usually come flocking to do so. Why? Let’s discuss below.

More to Manage

In primary school, all we knew were English, Maths, Science and our Mother Tongue subjects. Suddenly, there’s Elementary Math, Additional Math, Physics, Biology, Literature, Social Studies, History… the list goes on. When you have twice the workload and things to study for, it’s a steep learning curve. That’s the struggle faced by many primary school students, who find that the transition from primary to secondary level too hard to handle.

Add in the comparative significance of CCA and you have a lot to work with. Our students study, take part in CCAs, leadership activities, community activities and more, all with the aim of improving the quality of their O Level certificates. That’s a lot to manage in a day. Being burdened by Question 31 of Page 109 doesn’t make it any better. Help in the form of private tuition is much appreciated and needed, whether to better manage the extent of their education or to better manage their overall responsibilities.

Coping with Negative Feelings and Stress

Private tuition offers a respite from routine school lessons. A good private tutor listens intently, teaches adeptly and acts as a mentor in many ways. He or she can also choose unique teaching methods for better information assimilation and understanding. In Singapore, despite our educational excellence, the stress issues that plague our next generation are real. They may stem from a child struggling to cope with school work or one who is dispirited from poor results. Some parents may also express disappointment when their children fail to achieve their desired results. Seeing this can lead to feelings of inadequacy and shame, further adding on to unnecessary stress.

Private tuition offers positive teaching support for our young. Students can take a breather and immerse themselves in fun and exciting ways to learn and reinforce concepts taught in school. The 1-to-1 teaching benefits of private tutors give them primary importance and undivided attention. This also promotes their knowledge absorption and interest. When their grades are boosted, they feel more confident at dealing with their studies, therefore contributing to an improved holistic mental attitude and reduction in stress levels.

Focusing on What Matters

At school or at tuition classes, we’re subconsciously led to compare ourselves with our peers. “Did Adrian score higher than me in that last test? It’s so embarrassing! What about Hannah? I’ll ask her later!” We tend to look at ourselves relative to others, and this can be an unhealthy habit. Instead of focusing on their individual learning abilities, our kids are caught up in a never-ending rat race that begins from young. Private tuition takes away the unwanted noise in our thoughts, replacing them with the focus in lessons where your child’s potential is drawn out to its fullest. Private tutors devote all their energies and time into your child’s education, making sure that your child puts his or her attention in what truly matters.