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What are the Average Tuition Rates

Private tutor Singapore is very much popular because of its advantages. Almost all subjects such as chemistry, biology, math, statistics, etc are in demand because of their complexity. That is why private tutors are in need. No fixed price can be easily determined here. Every subject and level has different prices that may fluctuate from time to time. The rate is usually set per hour, and almost every subject price is different from each other. An average rate may start from $10 to $100, and people are paying such a high price because of the importance of education. Many parents are ready to educate their kids at any expense. There are also many factors that will have an effect on tuition rates.

Here are three factors that you have to consider whilst looking to hire a tutor.

Factors that Affect Tuition Rates:

a.      Location:

Many parents prefer to hire a tutor that may not be too costly, thus they might consider hiring tutors that offer the cheapest rates. Even if their child may have to travel a distance to meet their tutor at a tuition center. Private tuitions are however more expensive than joining a tuition center with a group. For some parents, they never make any compromise on the quality of education, so they are ready to pay any price for their kid’s tuition especially having tuition in the comfort of their own home. If your tutor comes from another area and has to travel quite a distance than they may probably ask for transportation allowance as well.

b.     Tutor’s qualification:

If a tutor is highly qualified, then it is evident that the demand for their services will be more than that for an average tutor. Should the tutor also have a lot of experience under their belt, they will be more sought after. Thus these tutors may ask for higher rates as compared to the average in the market. Then comes the choice on whether you would want to pay more for a capable tutor or less for one that may not be experienced.

c.      Subject to be taught:

Some subjects such as science may require more analysis and understanding, so students who are falling behind may need additional classes in order to better understand the subject. On the other hand, other subjects might be more straightforward and do not require additional time to be put in. As a result, the price of some subjects such as science may be higher, and that is why tutors of these particular subjects will charge more than others.

Different means to hire a tutor and their rates:

There are also many ways in which you can engage a tutor according to your needs:

a.      Ask your friends:

Different people have different networks of people around them and unbeknownst to you, your friends might know of capable tutors who go at affordable rates. Even better, maybe your friends are capable tutors themselves who are willing to teach your child. So, consult your friend and ask about any tutors that they know about. In this way, you can save time and effort in searching for a new tutor. Another benefit of this is that you will know the quality of education and teaching skills that the tutor has. It is then up to your consideration whether that tutor has the ability to tutor your child. Additionally, you can also negotiate a price with the help of your friend. It is a preferable way to hire a tutor.

b.     Contact with the agency:

Many agencies offer tuition services. They note your requirements and desired subject and then refer you to a person who is suitable to what you have asked for. It is a safe and secure way to get a tutor. These companies give full guarantee of their employees (tutors) in regards to their character and quality of education. They also offer you packages for the subjects you might want to have tutored. The price of agencies is high as they might ask for extra money for administration fees, especially in the first month.

c.      Your class teacher:

Now, many kids are taking extra classes from their own school teachers. It depends on the teacher themselves on whether they might provide additional assistance to the students. But they can also provide private tuition for their students, and they charge more than an average tutor as they are certified teachers. This is as they are already known to be qualified and educated on how to teach. Some certified teachers also offer their own private tuition services under tuition agencies.

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