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What Makes a Good Tutor

They say that the smartest leaders have coaches or mentors, who help guide them from where they were to where they wanted to be. In the sphere of learning, especially among children and youths, a tutor plays that role; the mentor who will guide a child to achieve his/her dreams — and work with the child to overcome weaknesses and highlight strengths.

While you already know the benefits of tutoring — including improvement in the academic learning of children because of personalized, learner-centered strategy — the next question that comes to mind is: How do you find a great tutor that will help your child become the best version of himself or herself.

We listed down five qualities that will hopefully help you choose and decide the great tutor for your child. Look for these qualities when choosing your child’s tutor.
A great tutor is a problem-solver and an organizer.

A great tutor knows the need to examine the problem from all angles and then craft a strategy to best solve the problem. This means that a tutor will start the learning journey of your child with an interview with you, the parents. This is crucial because the tutor will be your partner in giving your child the best avenue to learn and succeed in life. Because the tutor is also an organizer, he or she will make sure that your child is learning in an environment that encourages and motivates studying. The tutor organizes the lessons to make sure that both of you will discover what is in the building blocks of knowledge and learning what your child is missing in their foundation.
A great tutor has creative communication skills.

In an era where we have so many options to communicate, it is a paradox that we still encounter communication issues and misunderstanding. A great tutor understands interpersonal, intrapersonal and mass media communication and utilizes these to communicate better with your child. Because the tutor is also a guide, it is important that a relationship of openness exists between tutor and child so they can both achieve the learning goal, no matter what it is. This can only be possible if there is an open line of communication between tutor and child.
A great tutor is enthusiastic about learning.

This is a given element when it comes to teaching and learning. Nobody can ever be effective in teaching others if enthusiasm in learning is absent. A great tutor enables and inspires the child to be happy and excited about learning. Your child may have the highest IQ but if he/she is not enthusiastic about learning, then expect a lousy performance in academics or in any aspect of growth and development. Do you remember what they say about yawning being contagious? The same is true with enthusiasm in learning.
A great tutor is both flexible and adaptable.

A great tutor knows that each child is unique and that there is no one-size, fits-all solution to any problem. A great tutor is flexible to try out certain strategies and then change them if those strategies are not working out. Flexible tutors are open-minded educators who understand the psychological aspects of learning. Because the primary goal of tutoring is learning, a great tutor knows that he/she needs to adjust methods, pace, and even materials use in lessons to address the needs of the student. In particular, an excellent tutor also adapts to the child’s learning style and strives to follow the pace of the child because the tutor works in an environment where the child is in the center of the learning process.
A great tutor is humble.

There are misconceptions that a tutor can solve all the students’ academic problems.

A tutor is only one part of the equation. The tutor may be the captain who will steer the learning ship. But there are other crew members in the ship, who play significant and critical roles in the process. Parents and students are in that ship and every single member plays a crucial role in achieving the learning goal. A great tutor understands that while he/she may be the captain that holds the steering wheel, he/she is humble enough to realize that this is not just a journey for his/her glory. Humility is a good moral value that a tutor possesses because it will make him/her see that he is not the lone actor in this play. Everyone contributes to achieving the goal.
A great tutor is an entire package of knowledge, skills, and values; a committed individual who acknowledges that you, as parents or guardians, only want the best for your child. A great tutor is an extended teacher, parent, and guardian, who will help charter your child’s future by helping him/her do well in school and in life.

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