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Why Learning a Language is Best with One-on-One Teacher

Being able to communicate in a language other than your mother tongue is an advantage in this age of globalization — where the vast world we are living in now is an ever-changing technological landscape.

The ability to speak in another language is an advantage accorded to a few dedicated individuals, who consider language learning as an endeavor that requires commitment and constant practice.

To learn a language, people would often say: “Go to where the language is spoken so will be forced to use the language, thereby leaving you with no choice but to speak the language.”

This is true. But not every one of us has the financial means to travel to Madrid to learn Spanish or pack our bag and live in Beijing to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Our suggestion? Engage the services of a one-on-one teacher, who can serve as your language partner. Your language partner is your dependable ally in your quest to learn to speak the language.

We further listed down below three reasons why learning a language can be best accomplished with a one-on-one teacher so you can decide whether it is worth it to have one.


Whether it’s driven by a need or a want, the decision to learn a language involves the investment of time and money. Learning another skill — in this case, learning a new language — on top of your other daily activities in school and in work can be a daunting task. If you attend a language class, you have to keep up with fixed class hours in the company of many students, who may or may not be in the same proficiency level as your target language. A one-on-one teacher eliminates the stress of having to catch up and attend to fixed class hours. A dedicated language teacher gives you the flexibility to see the days and time schedules for your lessons. You do not need to be stressed about missing a class because you set your class days and hours in concurrence with your teacher’s schedule.


A dedicated language teacher keeps you focused on areas of the language that you really need to learn while getting the help that you need for language areas which you find challenging and difficult.

You have your teacher’s sole attention and focus because you are — for an hour or so — his or her lone student. You are not competing with other students, who may ask questions that you cannot relate to or ask language points that are irrelevant to you. Most language teachers have a set lesson for their classes but because you have your teacher all to yourself, your lessons can be tailored fit for your needs. In short, you are not just a passive learner. You are an active participant of the learning process and this strategy is essential in language learning. You need a teacher-mentor who is willing to spend time to go through the lesson with you, listen to your feedback, change course when one strategy is not working, and then move on to adopt the next one that might work for you.


Learning is best achieved in a non-intimidating atmosphere; where you are free to discover by being yourself. One-on-one sessions with a language teacher has the highest probability of having that friendly and nurturing environment. Unlike the regular classroom-type setting where you open your books just like everyone else and engage in a typical classroom lecture and discussion.

A friendly learning atmosphere relaxes your brain and eases your worries on whether or not you will achieve your goal of being able to engage in a basic conversation using that target language. Most of us have been in a stage where we clammed up and panicked in situations where we are put on the spot to defend or explain our answers.

Most of the time, your language teacher becomes a close friend. Someone who understands your trials and triumphs in language learning in particular, and in life in general. A friendly language teacher can spell the difference between learning the language and rejecting a new language.

Just like any lessons, there is no one-size, fits-all formula to learn a new language. There is also no guarantee that you will be fluent after two weeks or two years. Your language teacher can be a dedicated personnel with years of experience in the field but you are the other half of the team so you will have to put up extra effort and time if you really want to speak the language. Manage your expectations as well and be gentle on yourself. Do not expect fluency right away; that comes with years of practice and exposure.

Always remember: a committed learner paired with a dedicated language teacher is a potent partnership to begin your language learning journey with much positivity and hope.

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